Developer environment


A C/C++ compilation environment

On a Debian based system install the build-essential package. On OS X, install XCode and MacPorts.


On a Debian based system install the git-core package. On OS X, get the latest version from

Python 2.7

On a Debian based system install the python2.7-dev package. On OS X (and others) use the buildout.python to prepare a clean Python installation.


First, you need to clone the git repository on GitHub to download the code to your local machine:

$ git clone

What follows is initializing the buildout environment:

$ cd spinchimp
$ python2.7

And now you can run the buildout. This will fetch and configure tools and libs needed for developing spinchimp:

$ bin/buildout


Your environment should now be ready. Test that by using the py Python interpreter inside the bin directory, which has spinchimp installed in it’s path:

$ bin/py

>>> from spinchimp import SpinChimp
>>> sc = SpinChimp('api_key', 'username', 'password')
>>> sc.unique_variation('Some random text.')
u"Some random lines."

The code for spinchimp lives in src/. Make a change and re-run bin/py to see it resembled!

Moreover, you should have the following tools in the bin/ directory, ready for use:


A sintax validation tool.


A tool for testing HTML render of spinchimp‘s documentation.


A tool for testing the HTML render of the package description (part of zest.releaser).


A tool we use for releasing a new version (part of jarn.mkrelease).